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There are some times when you inevitably end up with more rubbish than your regular bin collection will deal with. Maybe you have bulky items like a sofa or old bed to get rid, of or you’re clearing the garden and have more garden rubbish than your bins can handle. Let us take it off your hands, and make sure your waste is dealt with in a legal, environmentally sound way, leaving you nothing more to worry about.

For a friendly and low cost rubbish removals service, give us a call today.

About Us

If you’re looking for rubbish removals in Manchester, Rubbish Removals Service Manchester has just what you need. The main services we offer include rubbish removals, asbestos removal, house clearance, garden waste clearance, commercial waste disposal, and end to end waste management services for business clients.

Our great team is trustworthy and friendly, so you can be sure we will do what we say we will, when we say we will - with no mess left behind for you to worry about.


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    Waste Management
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    House Clearance

    Whatever you need, we can help, with our full range of rubbish removals Rochdale. Whether you need a one off house clearance after moving into a new place, or you’re running a business with ongoing needs, we will be able to tailor our rubbish removal service for your requirements and budget. The main areas we work in are laid out below - but if you don’t see what you need, give us a call to discuss.

    Have a look at the contact page of this website to get a free no obligation quote for home, garden or commercial rubbish removal.

    Rubbish Removals
    Asbestos Removal
    House Clearance

    Rubbish Removals

    If your bins are overflowing, or if you have a large item to get rid of like a sofa or fridge, we can help. Our team can come to you to dispose of any amount of rubbish, to make sure your home is cleared, and the waste is dealt with legally and in an environmentally responsible way. Give our team at Rubbish Removals Service Manchester a call today.

    Asbestos Removal

    Asbestos was a common building material because it is fireproof and hard wearing. It is still found in older buildings, but has for years been known to call illnesses if it is released into the environment and the fibres are breathed in. If you know or suspect that there’s asbestos in your building, we can offer an asbestos inspection and sampling to check, ad can then remove the asbestos if necessary to keep you and your family safe.

    House Clearance

    From single item removals, like a sofa clearance, to full house clearance including all the fixtures and fittings, we can help. Many of the customers we meet who are looking for a house clearance have recently lost a family member and are preparing the house for sale or rent. If this is the case then we know it’s very tough, and want to reassure you that our sensitive team are here to offer support. Get in touch to learn more about the House Clearance & house removals Swindon available at Rubbish Removals Service Manchester.

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    Rubbish Removal Manchester - Asbestos Removal 1
    Rubbish Removal Manchester - House Clearance 1

    Garden Waste Clearance
    Commercial Waste Disposal
    Waste Management

    Garden Waste Clearance

    You want to enjoy the garden, but it’s blighted by the crumbling garden shed in the corner. Or maybe you’re keen on hosting a party in your garden but you need to dump the old garden furniture before you can fit in your lovely new stuff. If you have any sort of garden waste - organic matter, rubble or old furniture and play equipment for example, give us a call. Why wait? Call a member of our trustworthy team today to find out more.

    Commercial Waste Disposal

    Commercial waste can’t be treated in the same way as household waste, and it is important to know that if you run a business, it’s your responsibility to make sure your rubbish is managed properly. That’s where we come in. We can help you with commercial waste disposal on a one off rubbish removal Barnsley or regular basis, through our waste management plans, all for a price that is extremely fair. Give us a call today to talk through the services that we might be able to offer you.

    Waste Management

    For an end to end waste management plan for your business, get in touch, We can take the worry away from you by providing your company with bins and emptying them on a regular schedule which we agree with you in advance. We can tailor to your needs, including covering recyclable waste, general waste, sensitive or clinical waste and waste from building and demolition.

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    Rubbish Removal Manchester - Waste Management 1

    Contact Us Today

    Our great team at Rubbish Removals Service Manchester can be contacted electronically, or on the phone using the number available here on the website. We will be happy to discuss your needs, and offer a free estimate for the job.

    “I can highly recommend Rubbish Removals Service Manchester. The guys who came to my place to remove an old sofa and bed were great, they did all the heavy lifting and managed to get the bed down the stairs when I really wasn’t sure it would fit!” PK, Manchester

    “Rubbish Removals Service Manchester are trustworthy and actually do what they say they will, which is a relief. After we inherited my mother’s home, I needed to have the place cleared so I could sell it on. There was so much else to arrange and organise and it was a very stressful time, so I was delighted to find that the house clearance went smoothly and with no delays” RM, Manchester

    “Thanks to Rubbish Removals Service Manchester, I have never needed to worry about waste removal for my business. The waste management plan we have in place means all I have to do is get on with running the business and I know they’re dealing with removing my rubbish and disposing of it properly” AW, Manchester

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