House Clearance Manchester

House Clearance

We offer full and partial house clearances, and garden waste clearance service can also come to clear professional and commercial properties, for example, if you’re moving location with your office or retail company, and need some help in clearing space. Whether you need a single, awkward piece of furniture  moving from a tight spot in your home, or you need a full house clearance on a property you’re buying or selling, we can help. We are proud of our professional and helpful team, and will be there to provide a reliable service, no matter what you need.

Why choose a professional house clearance service?

A professional house clearance service is useful for people moving in or out of a property, and looking to safely dispose of furniture, fittings and other goods. It is also a service which is often used after a bereavement, when a home is inherited by family members and needs to be cleared for sale. We also provide house clearance services to people looking to rent out their property, and can work with businesses and commercial buildings as well as family homes. By having a professional in, you avoid the heavy work of removing large items, and can rest assured that we will safely and carefully dispose of everything removed.

Full and partial house clearance

Rubbish Removals Service Manchester can offer a tailored service to our clients. That means that we can clear a full building if that’s what you need - but we can also remove single items, or clear only a part of a building. So for example, if you’re planning on converting your loft, or basement, but need to have the area cleared of bulky and awkward furniture, we can help. As well as furniture, we can move electrical items, carpets and other fittings as needed - every customer is different and we can quote for your exact needs.

House clearance after bereavement

Our whole team here at Rubbish Removals Service Manchester is familiar with working with families who need a house clearance after losing a loved one. This is a particularly stressful situation, and we always aim to offer a sensitive and careful service to make sure we can take some of the worry away from the grieving family. If you’re looking for a house clearance after a bereavement, please do get in touch. It’s a very difficult time, and our supportive team are here to help out.

Our House Clearance service

We pride ourselves on doing a good job for every client we meet, and we know that in many cases, customers looking for house clearance are facing a difficult time personally, either because of a bereavement, or the stresses of moving in or out of a property. Our team are sensitive, efficient and reliable, and will take the worry and stress out of the situation as much as we possibly can. To see what previous customers say about us, have a look at the client reviews for our house clearance services, which you can find here on our website. Get a free no obligation house clearance quote by calling the number available here on the website.


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